Audio Real Time Information

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Audio Real Time Information

Post by matttheboatman »

Hello Harry,

And, a big thank you for designing and supporting a really useful and affordable app!

The world of information delivery is mostly designed around visual displays. I can see that. But, the reality is that our eyes are busy. Particularly when driving. On a race track. So, like most others here, I ultimately use the HLT videos as enhanced video capture and as a historical training tool. But, I am sure real time audio information would benefit us even more. Can you hear what I'm saying? And, the iphone platform has good audio out features such as earbuds. Is it possible to provide more audio information? Here is my list in order of importance to me:
1. Lap Splits (app has it!) - I like :)
2. Lap Splits And Sector Relative Splits to reference lap and/or sectors - announce "minus 1.2"
3. G-Force real time - perhaps a ping or or "1.2 / 1.3 /1.4" when it reaches near a user predefined limit.
4. RPMS - perhaps a buzz or "7400" when it reaches a user predefined limit.
5. Average Speed and Length, announce after the split time (1), and relative split time (2), announce avg speed "78 average", and "length 2.754"

I realize that unlike video where all information can be presented and the user decides what he wants to process, audio is 100% digested by the user so it may need to have the ability for the user to "turn off" whatever audio reports they do not wish to hear.

Thanks again Harry for your app and dogged effort to make it work on all the different platforms and software updates!

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