POI on Nürburgring 24h position correct?

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POI on Nürburgring 24h position correct?

Post by Yamimoto »

Hi there,

I am quite new to laptimer but after deploying it for one RCN race so far i am totally fascinated. What a great app.
Next run is on track layout as for Nürburgring 24h. I imported that track and had a view on the POIs on the map.
I recognized that the start/stop line POI position does not match the finishline of the Nürburgring GP track neigther
on normal view nor on the hybrid. It shows up round about 15 meters before the line and slightly moved towards
the pit lane. I moved the POI to be exactly on the finish line seen on the satellite image.
Now i wonder if i did something wrong. Is it a good idea to move the POI according to the satellite image or was
the prior position exactly computed by the GPS position data? What I mean is: do the GPS position and the map
image slightly differ or can i be sure to have the most exact position when I use the satellite image ignoring the
GPS numbers?

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Re: POI on Nürburgring 24h position correct?

Post by Harry »


I'd recommend to not move triggers. This will break the certification status. There are several consequences from this, like e.g. no hall of fame entry, no online status, and no option to compare your drive to others. A trigger moved slightly on the s/f straight will influence lap times minimally, you start early and end early. The difference from limited GPS accuracy is by far higher than the effect from the moved trigger position.

We define trigger definitions from Google Earth mostly. The image mapping Google used will come with some inaccuracy too.

- Harry
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