Steering Angle PID

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Steering Angle PID

Post by Ninjaneer » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:32 pm

Okay, I read some posts and I am still having trouble getting this to work. Im gonna just lay all the data out here and ask for the whole answer instead of trying to get it working one question at a time.
I am trying to get the high-res steering angle data to read out of a Toyota. Typically the output to Techstream (the dealer interface) has a resolution of 1.5deg, which doesn't do much for me. The steering angle sensor actually sends the data to the VSC (ABS) ECU at 0.1deg resolution, that is the useful data. Here is the information on the data I want to read:
ECU CAN Address: $7B0
The sensor output request is ($21 $06), so Mode 21, PID $06
The steering angle value is in data positions #5 & #6, LSB is 0.1deg, Offset is -3276.8deg

This is how it is calculated:
Output(in decimal)*LSB+Offset=Steering Angle Degrees

ECU Output: $FE $DC
Combine that data and convert to decimal: FEDC= 65244
65244*0.1+(-3276.8)=3247.6 deg

Okay, now is someone can tell me how I program that in a custom PID (and it works), you will be my hero (for now, haha!).

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Re: Steering Angle PID

Post by Harry » Wed Sep 19, 2018 4:48 pm


Please start with reading section "Custom PIDs (v22)" in ... rogram.pdf Enter your data and see what happens. Chances are good, it will not work in the first run - even when entering everything as described. The custom PID implementation needs to be considered "experimental" currently because I did not have a car available using the $21 mode. In case it fails, we will debug this with you until it works.

- Harry
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