Atlanta Motorsports Park

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Atlanta Motorsports Park

Post by Guilty1s »

I was out at AMP this weekend, along with about a dozen others I talked to using HLT, and no one was able to get any kind of success lap data. Was curious if this was a Track specific thing, a gps issue, or a wide spread issue.

It seemed to pick up the start/finish line just fine. It would start recording coming into paddock/pit to start, but it would stop at some point getting onto the track and never captured anything.

The positive note is it did start the GoPro everytime.
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Re: Atlanta Motorsports Park

Post by Harry »

We had 60 laps recorded for AMP on Sunday. This is not a lot but it worked for some at least... Monika will re-check the track set - there are probably some sensible trigger settings. In case you have some incomplete recording or one that covers several laps, please export it to .hlptrl and .kml and send it to or

- Harry
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Re: Atlanta Motorsports Park

Post by Monika »

there was a cancel trigger at the pit entrance, that is close to the regular track (just before T16) and in same direction.... - I guess that was the problem, as the trigger might fire not only if one drives to the pits but also when passing on the regular lane.

This cancel trigger is now removed, please download this new version of the track:
Admin -> Add-ons, update the list the top right button.
Search for Atlanta and load the new version.

- Monika
Harry's LapTimer Team
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