Best, Simplist Cellphone for OBD+GPS+Data Export???

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Best, Simplist Cellphone for OBD+GPS+Data Export???

Postby geeyore » Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:56 am

I've been using HLT for a couple years but remain frustrated with Android and its poor behavior when running HLT: video dropouts, sessions dying, dropped OBD data, poor video, and the very frustrating problems trying to run an external microphone (Nexus 5 + Android camera app doesn't really support an external mic).

Can anyone suggest a cellphone that consistently provides clear video, reasonable audio + external microphone support, consistent OBD logging, replaceable batteries, and will support external GPS (1 Hz of most cellphones isn't adequate)? After two years of HLT (and my Android phones) I am getting very tired of twiddling with all of the problems and workarounds, especially when I'm at the at the track where I'm thinking about other things. I've been using the OBDLink LX for two years.

I'm prepared to buy and dedicate a cellphone to HLT and 3 or 4 other motorsport apps *IF* I can find one that meets the above criteria and is essentially bulletproof at the track. This phone would not even have a SIM chip for GSM use. In essence, a dedicated HLT machine.

It's that or GoPro.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

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