Harry's Laptimer for Autocross

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Harry's Laptimer for Autocross

Post by RDST3R » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:30 am

Here is a video of me for reference:


Currently my setup for autocross looks like this:

- TrackAddict on my iPhone facing me
- Three GoPro Hero (one on each fender, one on the front) controlled by the GoPro remote
- BT1 OBDII sensor
- External GPS

The way I currently do things is I come to the start line and hit "record" - it says "waiting for movement." Then I hit record on my GoPro remote. So they're not being controlled by my phone (you can't control three on your phone sadly). Later I go into RaceRender and import the data file from TrackAddict, the video from TrackAddict, and the three GoPro video. It takes a bit of time but I sync up the GoPro with the phone video. It sounds complicated but it works well.

What I'm wondering is, if I record the main video using a GoPro not controlled by LapTimer, can I overlay the stuff from LapTimer elsewhere? The video with my phone only records me as the driver, not the course. I make that video pretty small. I don't want the overlay to be contained only in that small video if that makes sense.

If you refer to the video above, I want to record myself with LapTimer like I do with TrackAddict, and then overlay the stuff onto the main front facing camera video like you see me doing in this video with RaceRender. I know RaceRender isn't a HLT product.

Can I do this?
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Re: Harry's Laptimer for Autocross

Post by Harry » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:17 pm

You can add videos recorded externally to LapTimer and overlay them. When adding three external videos, you can select which one to choose as master and which videos do add as picture in picture. LapTimer supports one master, one rear mirror PiP, and an arbitrary amount of other PiP videos (space available is the limit).

You can remote control one action cam at a time and operate the other manually, or operate all three like you do it now. The workflow can be quite simple when adding Apple's SD Card Lightning Reader. This allows to copy videos from your GoPro SD card to the iPhone's photo library. Doing this, the video becomes available in LapTimer (for overlay) immediately and without the need of a PC.

- Harry
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