Export video with overlay except lap time

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Re: Export video with overlay except lap time

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Oh also when I tested the app before adding the ODB II and external GPS video seemed to work. I will do some more testing and let you know.
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Re: Export video with overlay except lap time

Post by Harry »

The statement on the 300 US$ is probably not a fair one ;-) No frankly, the Samsung Tab 4 works with LapTimer in general. The problem can be in many areas, in hardware variances, it is probably some special configuration for your device, some other apps etc. You never know. Without holding the device in my hands it is impossible to find exactly what is wrong with it. Due to the number of different devices and OS versions, that's a difficult topic in Android. In case you do not want to use LapTimer in the future, please check the Extended Refund Policy, it is exactly for cases like this.

- Harry
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