Racebox 10hz vs Racebox mini s 25hz

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Racebox 10hz vs Racebox mini s 25hz

Post by Fulgrim »

Hi there,
New member here. I have a quick question, currently where I live with shipping and the black Friday sale. The costs are as follows;
- Racebox standalone 260eur (10hz)
- Racebox mini S 200 eur (25hz)
Would I be able to use the standalone unit with the app? Also is the difference between 10hz and 25hz tangible enough?
I would prefer only to have one unit mounted to the windshield with my phone in my pocket with the APP on. This way there is no need for two devices to be mounted and I can “play” with acceleration times etc. I am just worried about having very good accuracy.
I have written racebox directly and they claim that for all intensive purposes its similar in the accuracy department.
Thanks in advance,
Dick :)
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Re: Racebox 10hz vs Racebox mini s 25hz

Post by Harry »

You can’t operate your phone in your pocket while driving. It needs to be on / active and LapTimer needs to be the front most app. While in background or with display off, LapTimer will be inactive.
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