Bug-Report: Reliable crashes in lap list

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Bug-Report: Reliable crashes in lap list

Post by Alex »

The Laptimer (pro) crashes every time, when i push the Edit-Button in the Lap List. Currently there are only 2 laps in my list, "unspecified" and "private". As far as i remember, the problem appeared after deleting some laps. But now the crash is reproducible every time, when i am pushing the Edit-button.


My config:
- IPhone 4, 16 GB, latest firmware
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Re: Bug-Report: Reliable crashes in lap list

Post by Harry »

The POI List / Lap List integration was not as smooth as I thought... The bug is fixed already, the fix will be part of 13.3

You may work around using the Edit button currently. To delete a POI Set, press the gray (first) row of the track set and purge the POIs afterwards.
To add a track set, simply go to the Add-ons View and download whatever track you need.
In case you need to run another combination, please let me know and I can check for another work around.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Harry
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