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About this forum

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:13 pm
by Harry
This forum is to post and discuss topics specific to one of our branded apps. Branded apps are derived from Harry's LapTimer to both match a client's public imaging / branding, and to customize existing functionality, or add functionality not generalized in Harry's LapTimer.

For general topics on lap timer, please use the forums on Harry's LapTimer. Specific discussions go here. For topics requested most frequently, we have FAQs.

The list of branded apps we have or had on the stores are:
  • Optrix VideoPro
  • OMP Racing Suite
  • MICHELIN Lap Timer
  • MICHELIN Moto Lap Timer
  • ROUSH Racing Suite
  • Go-Kart Racing Club
In case you are interested in your own branded app, please contact

- Harry