LapTimer Rookie for Android v17.7 announcement

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LapTimer Rookie for Android v17.7 announcement

Post by Harry »

Late christmas present available for LapTimer Android users! :-D
I just submitted version 17.7 to Google's PlayStore. It will be available for download in a few minutes.

Here is the list of changes:
  • Added second CPU architecture support for improved performance
  • Several performance improvements, especially for Data Recordings
  • Minor bug fix for Map view
  • Improved OBD initialization for slow car busses
  • Added calculated MAP support and intake air temperature support
  • v18 preview: new overall acceleration chart
  • Improved chart handling
  • Fixed missing lineal acceleration
  • Updated device list (insecure BT connections)
Some comments: many changes are in the performance area. A complex app like LapTimer requires quite some optimizations to perform well in every situation. As an example, you may have seen it took version 17.6 quite long to open the Data Recordings views from Lap List (for long tracks and high GPS update rates). This particular operation takes 17.7. less than 10% of the time needed by version 17.6.

As a premiere, version 17.7 comes with LapTimer v18’s new overall acceleration chart presented here: ... =1&theater Please let me know how you like it. Please note all charts do not show reference data any more. In the process of streamlining iOS and Android lines, this feature will get available in LapTimer Petrolhead (March 2014) again.

Please share the news, thx

- Harry
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