v16.7 problems

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v16.7 problems

Post by geogan »

Just got the upgrade to 16.7 today and tested it out with my full LapTimerPro setup of Gopoint BT1 OBD interface and XGPS150 for NMEA GPS data. Unfortunately (unless I am doing something wrong) there were problems.

With the two devices on and connected to iPhone and phone mounted on windshield I started VideoPro and moved to video view.

I could see my OBD information on the right (gear,revs,throttle) so BT1 was connected.

The GPS "no lock" changed to satelite icon and the orange star was flashing and hovering over it with mouse it said it was using NMEA data from XGPS. The four strength bars were white though and not green or red?

I recorded three videos of about 6 minutes each.

While recording I notice horrible lag in revs display compared to real revs, throttle was not very accurate either and gears indicated were completely wrong most of the time so OBD data was useless from what I can see.

When I went to the saved videos I noticed it just said "GPS Fixes: 6" so only 6 fixes and each video only had car icon. When I click Overlay button I just got "Overlaying failed as either video or data recordings were missing or are corrupted"

When I used older version of app a few days ago with the XGPS the GPS would not lock at all, I had to turn off XGPS and then restart app. Then the GPS locked and I and i got about 350 fixes for 6 minute video. I had the XGPS on after this restart at this time but don't know if it was using it or not because app didn't tell if it was.

Is it possible the XGPS did not actually get a satellite position lock in over 20 minutes sitting on dashboard in open surroundings? I will check using Dual's Status Tool app next time to confirm this. That would explain missing GPS data but even so what happened to the OBD data recordings?
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Re: v16.7 problems

Post by Harry »


It seems you did not receive GPS positions from your XGPS during your test. Actually you should see a red / yellow bar in the status gadget being replaced by green bars after a short time. VideoPro does not have so many views to check what is going on - in normal operation is should stay as simple as possible. This on the other hand makes it more difficult to understand what is going on. I'd suggest you try again and turn the XGS off ahead of starting VideoPro. Next, startup VideoPro and start connecting / turning on you sensors once VP is up and running.

All of the other observations are from the missing GPS signal (including the bad realtime update of OBD information).

- Harry
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