OBD2 Scanning Behaviour

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Random Direction
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OBD2 Scanning Behaviour

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Apologies if this has previously been answered but I am chasing an intermittent fault in the vehicle's engine management system. I'm sure it's unrelated to the CAN bus scanning behaviour by HLT but it would be helpful to know when HLT's CAN bus scanning is active. Can somebody please tell me whether HLT's CAN bus queries are made:

1. On the out lap before the start/finish line is crossed for the first time, and
2. On the in lap after the CANCEL button is pressed to cancel recording.

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Re: OBD2 Scanning Behaviour

Post by Harry »

Bus requests are issued all the time. This is independent from whether you are recording or not. LapTimer has a number or real time data displays requiring continuous updates.
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