OBD data as trigger for start

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OBD data as trigger for start

Post by snowy999 »

Dear Harry

Another hillclimb/sprint question. I have tried to use HLT with mixed results primarily because whe you start a hill climb you get jolted around a bit and so recording can stop/start and you get the usual video delay at the start of the recording as the app sorts everything out.

Is it possible to use a wireless OBD reader with HLT and then use the feed from that to trigger recording of both data and video. My OBD has a speedometer feed. So when you start a hill climb 9and you start in your own time) ideal would be press HLT manually once to be ready and start video recording, then when you launch the car HLT would use the OBD reader speedometer data feed to sense your start time and record data.

Alternativley is there a way I can have a wireless start button and then use the usual end of run GPS trigger to stop recording)?

Thank you Harry.

Richard Snow
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Re: OBD data as trigger for start

Post by Harry »

Have you used the standing start trigger?
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