[FAQ] Help, LapTimer doesn't start up!

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[FAQ] Help, LapTimer doesn't start up!

Post by Harry »

The most frequent issue causing a crash on startup is some corruption of LapTimer's database.
This corruption can occur when a device overheats, runs out of battery, crashes for some other reason.
As a result, LapTimer fails to open or access data or other configuration and runs into an unexpected condition.

The first rule in case this happens: do not try the uninstall / reinstall approach. LapTimer stores data locally, deleting the app will purge that data (and videos) too.

Instead, a so called emergency startup needs to be triggered.
  • On iOS, goto Settings app and find LapTimer. Navigate to Expert Settings and set "Emergency Startup" to ON. Both items are (almost) in the bottom of the respective screen.
  • On Android, settings cannot be accessed while the app is not running. Instead, open this URL on your smartphone: http://gps-laptimer.de/laptimer/emergencystartup Whether opening this link fires up LapTimer or Chrome or show a selection, depends on your device configuration. In case Chrome is coming up immediately (with a 404 message), you need to enable the link for LapTimer first.
    • For Android 12 and later, goto Settings app ‣ Apps ‣ Default Apps ‣ Opening Links ‣ LapTimer. Tick "Open supported links" and add "gps-laptimer.de" to the list in the bottom. Touching the above link in Chrome may still bring you to the page with 404. In case this happens, I recommend to copy the link above, paste it into a mail open open the link from this mail once it arrives. I'm sure there are better options, but this is the one I found working.
    • For other Android versions, navigation may differ.
    Once your link has been opened by LapTimer, you will either see the startup screen, or a black screen immediatly. This means LapTimer has restored a factory database. To access it (and recover your old data), close the app (swipe the app upwards) and start it again.
To recover your data, follow instructions in [HOWTO] Restoring Automatic Backups

- Harry
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