Videos in sandbox appear with no data 00:00:00

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Videos in sandbox appear with no data 00:00:00

Post by jt2002 »

Hi there,

I've loaded an mp4 file that stitched together two gopro hero 7 videos onto HLT via itunes on my mac.

However I'm unable to preview, export or sync any laps as the video list is showing all videos to be in the app sandbox, but without any thumbnail. They show the list

Yesterday I'd successfully exported the phone video with overlays and was attempting to include a PIP with my GoPro that shows the cabin. I've attempted hard restarting the iphone as well as the HLT app. Sometimes after a hard restart the videos will appear with the thumbnail in the video list but once moving to the lap list, it returns to showing no thumbnails an the 00:00:00 video length.

Has anybody had this issue before and found a fix?

My thanks in advance.
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