Using external GPS with phone in pocket

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Using external GPS with phone in pocket

Post by doa88online »

Hi All

Relatively new to the forum so please forgive me if this question is a duplicate or i've not followed procedure in some way.

Plan on using HLT for an upcoming track-day, but am concerned that the organisers won't be amused by the idea of me using the software to time the laps. With this in mind, i'd planned on keeping my phone in my pocket while driving and assumed this would work out OK given that we'll be using an external GPS that will be mounted in a discreet location.

Anyone got any experience of this / tips on how to approach the situation differently?
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Re: Using external GPS with phone in pocket

Post by Harry »

This will not work. Both due to the degrading GPS performance and because you will get touch events all the time. The app will not work while sent to sleep either. The only option is to use an external GPS placed "outside" and store the phone in the safe place where it is mounted as recommended in illustration #4 of LapTimer's Quick Reference.

- Harry
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