Harry's Camper v19 Beta open for registration

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Harry's Camper v19 Beta open for registration

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This is the call for beta testers of our brand new app Harry's Camper (the name is not finalized yet). This app is based on version 19 of our GPS Library, so this first version will appear as version 19 instead number one - that's a common scheme for all of Harry's apps.

Camper's full name is Harry's Heavy Duty - Camper Edition. This name describes the focus - it is for all drivers of vehicles in heavy duty conditions. The Camper edition will come with camping and caravanning specific features added on top of the heavy duty function set.

So which functions are included?
  • Complete vehicle management including online access to a car / van / 4x4 database.
  • Vehicles can be combined to towing / trailer pairs.
  • Calculation of a tow rating and an assistant to verify actual weights are within limits.
  • Several driving assistants including access to engine, GPS, and acceleration data:
    • Provided you have an OBD II adapter attached, you get a qualified picture of the health status of your engine while towing.
    • Pitch and roll of your car are measured and visualized - valuable for off road trips.
    • Highly detailed GPS data display.
    • A rear view display streaming video input from GoPro and Sony cams. Helpful while towing, coupling, driving backwards..
    • Generic POI alerts usable to display dangerous traffic areas and speed traps.
  • A set of parking assistants:
    • Parking assistant to memorize your parking / camping position.
    • Routing back to the memorized position.
    • Highly sophisticated leveling assistants for caravans and motor homes featuring both a level and a cam option.
  • Trip support
    • Automatic documentation of whole multi-day trips including a rich set of exports for publications.
    • A full trip computer showing distance traveled, ETA etc.
    • Waypoint / POI management.
    • Map display to define your own set of waypoints.
  • Sensor support for both your smartphone's internal sensors and a huge number of external GPS and OBD adapters.
To participate in Camper v19 beta tests...

you need to apply for participation by sending a mail to Harry@gps-laptimer.de Please confirm you are aware of and accept the following conditions:
  • No information I will make available during testing must be passed on, or commented on outside the beta test group.
  • The beta app will be provided free of charge using a test software portal (TestFlight).
  • You will test the app and provide feedback. Please do not sign up just to see what is coming up, we want you to participate actively.
  • Although we want to receive bug reports, in the early state we are even more interested in your ideas on additional functionality and feedback on usability and the value of functionality provided.
  • The app will be fully localized to English and German from the beginning. Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian will follow. In the beginning the later will come with 80% of text localized, but showing English texts otherwise.
  • Our native language is German, so any feedback on English wording grammar is highly appreciated!
  • To allow feedback and all types of discussions on the app, access to a private area of this forum will be provided. This is the dedicated and preferred channel for any communication.
  • The app will require you to use an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running iOS7 or iOS8. Older iOS versions and Android is not supported.
  • Early version will have limited stability and miss some features. Please do not participate in case you expect a production ready app.

After applying for registration including confirmation on the above conditions, you well receive a welcome mail including the full app overview (as-is). In addition, you will get an invitation to register on Testflight. You need to open the invitation on your iOS device and connect your device to the portal. This is required to provide apps outside of AppStore. In parallel, please register here in the forum and do not forget to send your forum username. I will add you to the forum beta group so you can read and post your feedback in the private area. I plan to make the first beta version available late in 2014. You will receive regular updates up to the final release of the app afterwards. The date for public release (AppStore) is planned for February 2015.

Looking forward to a productive and inspiring testing phase.

- Harry

P.S. A lot of text :-) so here is the visual teaser!

Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image
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