Grand Prix edition crashing on iPad

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Grand Prix edition crashing on iPad

Post by Kojiiro »

I have the Grand Prix edition. When I I attempt to send my laps from my old iPhone 6, I push the “share data/receive lap/send trackday” icon and it waits for my iPad. On my iPad, every single time I push that icon it crashes.

I have Harry’s ver 24 installed on both.
iPad is iOS 14.4.2
Old iPhone 6 is running 12.5 but I don’t know if that’s the issue? It crashes even if I am not trying to send from the phone, just pushing thr icon crashes it on the ipad.
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Re: Grand Prix edition crashing on iPad

Post by Harry »

The issue is on the iPad side when running iOS14. While the named issue is fixed in my development version, there is one new issue around screen rotation I have not been able to work around so far. Try exporting the data to .HLPTRL, send it by mail, touch the attachment when arriving on the iPad side, and select LapTimer to import it. But please be aware there are some other issues with the iPad on iOS14 that may hit in.
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