Timer view video overlays

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Timer view video overlays

Post by tb4rings »

In the Google Play Store the screenshots of the Timer recordings show a number of elements overlayed on the video. In addition to the g-meter, timer and speed in the bottom left corner, there are graphics for throttle, RPM, and another graphics in the lower right corner. How can this view be customized?
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Re: Timer view video overlays

Post by Harry »

Actually it is not about customizing, but simply a question whether engine data is available. Once you connect one of the OBD sensors listed on http://www.gps-laptimer.de/compatibility/ios or http://www.gps-laptimer.de/compatibility/android, LapTimer will record this data and add the gauges. GrandPrix has the second gauge showing temperature, fuel, power in addition. Petrolhead will show the left gauge only.

- Harry
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