Description of Gap "street" indicator?

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Description of Gap "street" indicator?

Post by aeronautica »

The link to the FAQ on is broken, and I can't find any actual description of what the various elements of this display indicate. i.e.

- color of street
- bar/line
- triangles
- number(s) shown

It must combine current/last sector or lap time in some way, but how?

It would be good to learn all this before I am actually on the track :-)

I did find this old thread viewtopic.php?t=3156 but it is from 2010, so might be somewhat out of date.

all the best
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Re: Description of Gap "street" indicator?

Post by Harry »

The FAQ has changed from to viewforum.php?f=39 , I need to update this...

Please have a look into this Facebook album: ... 2997632150
It describes the Timer interface in details.

- Harry
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