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IOS & Android user.

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:17 pm
by keenan675
Hi all, Hi @Harry. i have recently purchased & downloaded the timer to my IOS phone. i want to compare quality and functionality between my iphone and my samsung Android, will i need to purchase this app twice? thanks for your help, advice & of course the fab product.

Whilst i am on the subject my Carista isn't detected by the eodb element to the timer on the Iphone, i have gone through the reset procedure after searching the forum but just does not find it nor is it actually in the list of supported devices as i can see. If i purchase another ODB adapter which one works best? Thanks guys / Harry.

Re: IOS & Android user.

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:12 pm
by Harry
Apple and Google have their own app licensing systems - licenses are not transferable. So moving between platforms always means a second purchase. For LapTimer, we have a partial refund program in place ( I doubt that makes sense for just a comparison. In case you want to compare the look&feel, try Harry's GPS/OBD Buddy. It is free on both iOS and Android.

Compatible OBD adapters are listed on and

- Harry