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Exporting laps - complicated

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:23 pm
by Juanjo
Hello all;

I would like to export all my laps in order to analyse it on my computer using Circuit Tools. (To be honest, I would prefer do it with other app or web app, but CT is the only I know nowadays). I'm using GP Ed (v23.0.5) with Android.

Well, when I try to export all my laps, the option to export in .vbo format is disabled. I need to select option day or session to export in vbo format. I have a good amount of laps... Is there any way to do that faster?

Another issue here is I can't select a specific session or day... by default it appears the last session/day. ┬┐How I can select the session/circuit/day freely to export?

BTW: If someone knows a better software or web app to analyse laps... I would like to know it.

Thanks and Best Regards;

Re: Exporting laps - complicated

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:06 pm
by Harry

VBO is a logger format and holds a continuous, uninterrupted stream of new GPS data. As a consequence, a single VBO matches exactly one session and is always focussed on one track. The only thing LapTimer could offer is a "multiple" VBO export creating a file for every session and every track selected. I doubt this could be handled well.

CT is focussed on analyzing sessions, it is not designed to hold your "life on track" like LapTimer does.

To export a specific session (instead of the last one performed, select and lap of the session you want to analyze from Lap List and press the Export / Distribute button here. The export dialog will have the focus on the lap selected and you can extend it to the whole session.

On better tools: in case you use a Mac, you will be very happy next Spring. In case you are on Windows, CT is probably the best option.

- Harry

Re: Exporting laps - complicated

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:23 pm
by Juanjo
Hello Harry; Thanks for your repply.

I use Debian GNU/Linux. In order to run CT, I use a virtual machine with Windows os.

A web app to upload, store and analyse laps directly using the web browser would be for me the best solution. Would be easy to share laps with other users, compare and become it in a kind of social network for HLT user and petrol addicts.

Just an idea.

Best Regards;