How to just drive 'n log OBD data (without track)

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How to just drive 'n log OBD data (without track)

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I have LapTimer (Grand Prix Edition) and use it with an XGPS160 and KiWi3 OBD-to-Bluetooth with an iPhone 6. I've used it successfully for both autocross runs and on track and it works very well, thank you for that! I'm sure this question has come up but I was unable to find an answer by searching the forums.

Is it possible to just "go for a drive" (i.e., without a track) and get LapTimer to log (non-video) data? I'm trying to get a handle on some engine behavior and am mostly interested in the OBD data (full-time dashcams capture video).

If this is possible, what are the startup steps?
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Re: How to just drive 'n log OBD data (without track)

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That's called Manual Timing in LapTimer. Goto Administration ‣ Settings and tick Manual Timing. This will reveal a Start and Stop button in Timer and other views. NB: other that for automatic recordings, the "lap" is stored to the track selected currently. So change it in Status before you record.

- Harry
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