North & South Versions of the same track

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North & South Versions of the same track

Post by jsound »

I would like to create two versions of the same track where one end if the start and the other the finish (which consists of traveling one direction, either north or south), but I keep getting conflicting POI/Triggers. I've set up the two triggers on top of each other (one starting the north version, the other finishing the south version).

Is there a way to set this up with the same POI/Triggers? I thought setting them with the correct directional degrees would prevent this overlap, but I'm still getting this error.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: North & South Versions of the same track

Post by Harry »

Holding both (conflicting) configuration on your phone is not recommended. In case it is a public track, the best way is to certify both configuration so they are getting available in out track list. This will allow you to switch between both by simply loading what you need and let LapTimer purge the other (currently unused) on. For private tracks, it is a bit more complicated. The solution is to create one track, start the submission for certification, but send the mail generated not to but to your self. Next, define the other configuration and send it to yourself too. Now, you can load both alternating by selecting the .hpoil attachment in one of the mails in your inbox.

There is a third "workaround" that will probably work too. While having two start/finishes with opposite directions will sometimes work, this is not really reliable. But assuming you have one going south crossing s/f and one going north, you can create the first one some distance north of the real s/f and the other south. This is making sure the trigger to use will be discovered "first" when crossing s/f. The distance between both needs to be bigger than what you drive within a second for this section. And you will need to ignore the conflict warning.

- Harry
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