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[Solved] Getting valid throttle position and sensor delay question

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:30 pm
by T4nkcommander
UPDATE - While my truck was sending both the default throttle position and the 'D' position, neither was logging data. Harry recommended me add a custom PID, which worked. Afterwards, he also advised me switch the ECU setting from 'ALL' to 'ECM'. Unfortunately, I did not get to run the track as it was rained out (again), but heading home I did some more testing and everything minus fuel and temp worked great.

Here's the custom PID in case it helps anyone else:
Custom PID
Custom PID
image1.png (185.15 KiB) Viewed 2990 times
Hello everyone! Loving the app - I used it for the first time on a track back in July. I'm finally getting to go again this Saturday, and as I'll be using OBD for the first time I'm trying to get everything set up ahead of time. To that end, I've been tweaking my vehicle specs, as well as trying to find the correct throttle position setting. Fixing my frontal area seems to allow for valid braking calculation now, but I'm still having issue with throttle.

Harry recommended Position D in the OBD Expert settings, as that what appears to be what my truck uses (see image below, I think $01$49 APP_D is what he's referring to here. However, even with a calibration (pedal 100% down) I cannot get a valid input to show up on Laptimer. On the GPS/OBD helper app, position D seems to make the 'throttle' position range somewhat, but still not accurate. In the LT app, only braking is shown - no green at all with Position D, B, or default.

I was hoping not to pester Harry again...does anyone else have any recommendations for me, or should I just try all the different options until I find one that works the best?

One last thing. My overlaid data lagged behind my video somewhat significantly. Raising the 'video delay' to 3.5s makes for a pretty good sync, but is this the correct way to adjust this? Would it be better to drop the sensor times, or just leave as is?

Thanks in advance for all the help. Looking forward to contributing here.