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Re: Start / Stop video recording

Post by furby076 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:38 pm

Hey Harry,

THank you. I did check out the documentation and printed out the video doc. Reading through it I am still not confident (and it may just be that, confidence) in my ability. Is there a simple step guide?
1) turn on harrys lap timer
2) ....
3) victory!

I will worry about overlaying later, I just want to make sure I record the data and video properly.

Thanks again

A recommendation for future updates would be a Setup Wizard

Launching the wizard
1) Do you have OBD? Connect now. Laptimer tests for connection
2) Have video? Connect now. Laptimer tests for connection
3) Have GPS? Connect now. Laptimer tests for connection
4) Turn on car, make sure all devices are on
5) Test all devices, including sample recording (can be 10 seconds) to make sure everything works.

What I'd like to do is test this before I get to the track.

Again, thank you
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