Bluestacks Andriod emulator

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Bluestacks Andriod emulator

Post by piken2 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:05 am

Been using HLT for lap timing for quite a while and finally decided to try the overlay.

I messed with once before and knew it was power hungry doing on the phone so this time I thought I
do a compare same lap/overlay on phone and test Bluestacks.

Cut me out a lap from external video source (gopro) backed up my laps from HLT

On my phone Samsung S4 the lap/overlay export took 36 minutes.

Installed HLT on Bluestacks from playstore.

Moved copies of my HLT backup and external video clip over to Bluestacks on my PC.

Click on HLT backup which in turn restored to HLT and moved video clip to HLT directory.

Linked video clip, exported, synced frame.

Bluestacks worked great. Same lap/overlay export took 9 minutes instead of 36 minutes and
didn't tie up my phone.

Thought I mention it in case anyone wants to try Bluestacks.
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