Multiple Tracks for Stage Rally

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Multiple Tracks for Stage Rally

Postby muzzmann » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:16 am


I have just started with HLT and read as much of the documentation as possible. I am wanting to use this for stage rally, where I am a co-driver.

On any day we may have up to 6 different stages, on 6 different sections of road. Each has a standing start and a flying finish. I am using iPhone 7S, and have a Skypro160 GPS receiver, and have the Grand Prix version of HLT

We have the opportunity to travel over each of the rally stages the day before each event. So while I am in the car I can identify start/stop locations for each stage (track?). I then want to use HLT on rally day for data and video recording.

I assume that each stage is a "track" in HLT terminology, presumably an Autocross track. I assume that what I need to do is set up a new track for each stage.

I have experimented with setting a single trial autcross track, and can get HLT to start and stop, record so this is all good. But I can't see my trial track in the track list on my phone, and don't understand how to add more. I also can't see where I would go into the list on rally day to activate the next stage when we are finished the last...

Could someone assist me by guiding me through the process of saving, then finding the saved "tracks". Do I have to send something away to get certified??

Many thanks

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Re: Multiple Tracks for Stage Rally

Postby Harry » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:30 am

Yes, each stage would be a separate track.
Tracks defined (using an assistant or creating it step by step) will show up as sections in Lap List.
It will not be possible to use the AX assistant, as the the time between start and finish will take too long. So I'd recommend you use the technics described in The alternative is to just record things manually. Enable Manual Timing in Settings - it will reveal a Start / Stop button pair in Timer View. As you are two in the car, that's probably the best option for a one time driven track.
In case you setup multiple automatic tracks, LapTimer will switch tracks automatically: once it finds a trigger matching the current status (e.g. a go trigger when no recording is active), it will switch "track" and start.

- Harry

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