0 out of 1 MultiCam PIP videos valid and included

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0 out of 1 MultiCam PIP videos valid and included


Hey Harry,
I am trying to create a PIP video from an external cam (Blackvue 650) for Rear View Mirror PIP.
I have used the Registrator Viewer desktop software to join the relevant short Blackvue video segments and exported them as a single MP4 file. I then copied the MP4 file to (SD Card/storage/emulated/0/Movies), which is where the Master Video for the relevant lap is stored. I then went into LapList and selected the appropriate lap to be Exported. I then used the Video+ icon to select the external video from the (SD Card/storage/emulated/0/Movies) folder for PIP and synced the end point of the external video to the same point on the master video gave it a PIP name (Rear View Mirror). Both videos are now shown as available in the Laps video list as Master and Rear View Mirror, but when I try to EXPORT the Lap it tells me, "Number of laps available for multi-lap overlays reduced due to inconsistent sync points. Please adjust the lap's sync point and agree to adjust the full session". So I select OK. This takes me to the overlay configuration page where the top message says: "Master video o,k., overlay data available, processing lap #8 of the day, 0 out of 1 Multi-cam PIP videos valid and included". I set an Intro and Extro, select the overlay options required and select Overlay at the bottom of the page. I then see a message "Lap has picture in picture videos assigned not available currently. Please check Video List for alternatives or download" (IGNORE or OK) if I pick OK the screen returns to the Lap Details page but if I choose IGNORE once the Export is complete I view the overlayed video and there is no PIP shown. I have attached some screen shots of HLT lap list screens and messages etc. When I first recorded the lap I had a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 connected to HLT as the external cam but I managed to delete that video by mistake, I don't know if HLT is still searching for this external video rather than the new Video I,m trying to use and if so how I fix the issue. I must be missing something but for the life of me I cant sort it out, Please help sort out my PIP hassles.
Cheers Andy
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Re: 0 out of 1 MultiCam PIP videos valid and included

Post by Harry »

I'm sorry for the late reply.

Looking into the second snapshot, it looks like the lap alignment is not consistent for all the laps in scope. #6 and #7 overlap and there is a gap to both #5 and #8. This is the reason you get the ""Number of laps available for multi-lap overlays reduced due to inconsistent sync points." message. I assume there is a similar issue for the PiP video too. The key to all adjustments of sync point or assignments is you should allow LapTimer to adjust the whole session. In case you tweak individual laps, it is easy to create configurations generating issues when overlaying full session.

As you had adjusted all the videos manually already, it is probably best to start over. Remove the video assignment from all laps in the session first. Once the last lap linking a video has the assignment removed, LapTimer will ask if it should delete the physical video too. Do not agree here! Once all the laps do not show as video any more, add the master and the PiP again. Once you select the sync point, LapTimer will ask you if it should adjust the full session. Agree here!

- Harry
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