Managing data storage

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Managing data storage

Post by devenh »

I'm trying to manage my data storage on my iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.2 and HLT 21.0.6.

In Lap List I have deleted all laps, tracks and associated videos. I have run Check Data.

In Administration | Databases I deleted all the backups.

When I go to Setting | General | Storage & iCloud Usage | Manage Storage it shows LapTimer using 15.24 GB!

If I use iTunes to examine the LapTimer directory, there are still ~14GB worth of .mov files listed. Is it safe for me to manually delete these files? Shouldn't have HLT deleted these while housekeeping?
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Re: Managing data storage

Post by Harry »

In case you do not need the videos any more, you can delete them. When deleting a lap from Lap List and it is the last one referencing a certain video, and the video is deletable by Laptimer, LapTimer will ask if you want to purge the video too. In case you do not purge it here, it will stay until it is deleted manually.

- Harry
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