OBDII Gadgets on Overlay

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Re: OBDII Gadgets on Overlay

Post by pghendry »

I upgraded to GP in the hope of being able to configure the display for OBD data on the overlay as the default is not ideal. I don't see why space it taken for both a numeric and a dial for RPM, and why there is a fuel gauge? And the temp is a tiny little dial which is pretty unreadable except on a large screen, and I doubt anyone will be interested in a dial rather than a number (in either F or C, configurably).

I really do not find this overlay satisfactory at all. It is odd to have accelerator and not brake (if available), coolant temp and oil temp as numeric values (or at least oil temp) are essential, if steering angle was available that should be represented by a turning steering wheel.

On a separate issue, and one which I will bring up in a separate thread, the graphs are also fairly unusable. I'm a bit confused as to why I spent money upgrading to GP as it doesn't seem to have improved any configuration around OBD data.

Do you have any plans to allow configuring what information is displayed in the overlay (not the very small set that is currently fixed and not ideal)? I feel very let down having paid for a Kiwi3 and for GP edition and being stuck with such a limited overlay.

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Re: OBDII Gadgets on Overlay

Post by Harry »


I have a custom overlay layout on my list, but have not prioritized it yet. Individual requirements are not raised often and for those absolutely wanting a custom layout, desktop overlayers like Dashware are available. Brake pressure is not available using standard OBD PIDs (not emission relevant).

To read graphs, please have a look into the Train the Trainer documentation available from www.gps-laptimer.de/documentation. It has a chapter on reading data which will probably be helpful. The difference between GP and Petrolhead for data recordings are additional graphs, as wenn as the two cursor mode (tap a chart to turn one or two cursors for range selection on.

- Harry
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