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galaxy tab

Post by indyblade »

Hi Guys
running LapTimer on an iPhone 5 at present but cant afford to upgrade to an ipad, so looking at something along the lines of an 10.5 galaxy tab and putting a 64g card in it, question, do I need a galaxy tab that takes a phone sim card or just the standard wifi one,

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Re: galaxy tab

Post by Harry »

I have no experience with Android tablets and can answer in theory only. Internet access is not required but adds a number of features you won't have without (Hall of Fame, Challenges, Online View, loading track sets on site, etc.). What you need is a GPS. So please check if the tag has a GPS built in or add an external device. NB: other than for the iPad, LapTimer is not optimized for Android tablets yet. This means it will work but will not look very nice. Finally, changing your platform requires probably a lot of app purchases you already have for iOS. Just wanted to warn.

- Harry
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