Go Pro footage not syncing with Itunes

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Go Pro footage not syncing with Itunes

Post by catcha » Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:58 am

In the past I have been able to sync Go Pro footage to Itunes, and then sync with my IP5, I usually keep it at 60fps at 1080P at Narrow view. I did a test run last night and was thinking great I have this footage on my GP when I get home I can Sync the footage to Itunes and overlay it. This was not the case

I could see the videos in photo's, but when I sync they don't show up on my iphone. I have notice my past MP4 files also had two lots of .LVR files associated to the main footage. If it has that it will sync across to my IP5. If it just a single footage Mp4 it won't sync.

So i'm wondering without trying everything if there is a quick answer. is there a limitation that Itunes will sync eg 48FPs instead of the 60FPS ? or it won't allow 4K to be recorded and Sync across.
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Re: Go Pro footage not syncing with Itunes

Post by Harry » Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:37 am


I found this: https://www.facebook.com/50043151918/po ... 3739925603 the .LVR is a low res video - most probably used fro streaming.
To me it seems the GoPro video settings have been changed to something the iPhone / iTunes can't cope with. I'd recommend to either use one of the iPhone native formats on your GoPro (i.e. FullHD 1080 at 25/30 fps), or convert a higher res / higher update rate recording to a standard iPhone resolution before moving it into Photos.

- Harry
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