HELP....transfer HLT track data to Mac..??

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HELP....transfer HLT track data to Mac..??

Post by tombartley » Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:23 am

Just completed my first track day with HLT on board....amazing..!!!! :o

I was considering buying AUD$1,000 worth of telemetry ( data loggers ect, ect ) before discovering HLT.

However, being a bit (quite) tech challenged, :oops: could somebody help with a reasonably simple way of transferring
the data to my Mac Laptop.

I did not video the day, so at this stage I just want to play with the data on a bigger platform.
I'll take the video stuff on next time. :D

Thanks for any possible help.

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Re: HELP....transfer HLT track data to Mac..??

Post by Harry » Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:25 am

Export your data to KML or VBO to watch it on a PC. The corresponding programs to view with are Google Earth and Racelogic's Circuit Tool 2. Both are free. For the later you need a Windows environment on a Mac like VMware. To export data, select any lap in Lap List, scroll to the bottom of the Lap Details screen and press Export. Select the named file types and the range if laps you want to export. Press Mail and enter your email address you can read on your Mac.

For more information on Google Earth and CT, please search this forum.

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