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regularity timing

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:33 pm
by benniexx
Hello Harry!

I´m facinated by what is possible with your laptimer. So I´m looking whether I can use it for our challenge.
Not yet possessing an IPhone/Palm i´ve, with palm-emulator and Harry´s laptimer 8, tried to find out the following:
is it possible in regularity mode, during timetaking, to change the GPS-reference-lap or to define the first lap as reference?
This because in our challange we drive one installationlap, then one reference-lap followed by at least three affirmationlaps. So I would like to set the GPS-reference-lap during timetaking or would like to be able to define the first (or second) lap as reference in advance.
With my provisional set-up this is not possible: always the fastest lap is taken as reference or I´ve to take an old time, no actual, as a reference, which is inaccurate. I´ve found nothing in the forum too, so here´s my question: would it be possible to set the first lap as reference with the new laptimer version for Iphone?

Like to hear from you!