Always needs internet connection when loading a track

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Always needs internet connection when loading a track

Post by aMacUzr »

I've had a LapTimer (GP) failure on my most recent 2 track days. Here's what I did this week, with v24.6:
- used a different iPhone for LapTimer (to eliminate any historical influences)
- installed LapTimer and configured settings as per what used to work
- downloaded the 3 tracks in our area, one of which would be the one attended
- verified that the "Race" button shows "<track name> and 2 more" (it still does)

When I got to the track and started LapTimer, the status showed "Track Nearby ?" as red ... but the "Race" button shows tracks are available. Going to "Prepare Race" -> "Load Track" -> "Select Track" and attempting to load the track showed "Error POI Set ... could not be loaded from Server (Connection) ..." because there was no internet connection available. During the session, LapTimer did not auto-recognize the track (and that's never been an issue in the past ... in fact, it recognizes the track from the pit lane).

In the past, once a track was loaded, it persisted on the device (until deleted, I suppose). What is it that I'm not understanding/doing/etc. here?
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Re: Always needs internet connection when loading a track

Post by Harry »

Indeed, a track set loaded will stay on your phone until it is deleted. You can always check whether the track set is loaded by visiting Lap List. Any track section with a row "Certified Track Set..." represents a track set loaded and ready to use.

The other reason the "Nearby Track" warning is shown is a problem with GPS accuracy / update rate / permission. Please check this item in addition.

- Harry
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