Newbie failures!

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Newbie failures!

Postby GraemeI » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:36 pm

Hi guys,

I have recently started using HLT and am really struggling to work it out. I have tried reading the docs, but they seem to mostly be for older versions and for the life of me, I cannot work out the logic of the app :-/ I am sure if you wrote it, or have used it a lot, it all makes sense, but to me, I can barely find the same thing twice in a row because I cannot follow the logic of where it is. Anyway, let's assume I am being daft - so please can you help?! :)

As background, I do sprint racing, which means there is no traditional lap, which adds some complication. I am using a GoPro 5 for video only, so iPhone camera not in use. I did get that connected and controlled by HLT for my laps. I tried loading a track map, which partially worked, as it was detected and tried to make laps, but of course, start and stop is all wrong and now I have 23 partial laps instead of 7 sprint races. I recently did a sprint at Blyton Park in the UK, and seem to have data, lap lists and video (not all talking to each other!).

What I want to achieve:

1) Edit and/or create Sprint Track POI's from original track layout so it keeps the original POI's for corners etc, but I replace start and stop with Standing Start Go and Stop in different places instead.
2) Create new Sprint Track POI's where no existing track exists - preferably just on a map so I can place corners etc.
3) Fix my Blyton Park sprints so they combine to form one 'lap' instead of being split. I want to view them as a single lap each time, rather than it being randomly split when I hit the official lap Go point :)
4) Export these sprints with video and overlay so I can share via YT or wherever.

Please can someone help me, as I have read and re-read documentation till my heard hurts and still cannot work it out :(

Thank you,

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Re: Newbie failures!

Postby Harry » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:55 pm

This sprint race means you are on a regular circuit but have a standing start somewhere and the finish line elsewhere? It will be easiest to load the existing track set first. Then, change the start/stop trigger to a standing start trigger (Lap List ‣ your track ‣ Certified Track Set) by changing the trigger type. Once the type is changed, use the Map icon to transition to the trigger's position in Map View. Drag the standing start trigger to the correct position. To drag, touch the trigger with your finger, wait a second, and start moving. Next, create a Stop trigger: center the map over the position the finish trigger should go and press "+" / New Trigger. Fill in the full spec, driving direction when passing the finish line in particular. Make sure the POI Set is the track you are working on.

In case you want to create a sprint "track" somewhere else (no existing track set), simply use LapTimer ‣ Prepare Race ‣ Autocross.

- Harry

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