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LapTimer Attachment File Type Issue

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:31 am
by hapnermw
LapTimer relies on the iOS Mail attachment type registry mechanism as its import facility. This requires the mail program creating the attachment to retain the LT specific file types.

This works when LT creates the email message for export via iOS Mail. Unfortunately, other email programs will append the '.xml' file type to the end of these attachments if you attempt to send the files to yourself or others.

If you attempt to import these files via iOS Mail they will not be recognized as LT files and the import will not work.

I use GMail and I tested the GMail web client and the OS X Mail client. Both append the '.xml' type to the file names and there appears to be no way to prevent this. This means that only the original export email can be used for import. You can't keep a copy of the file and use this for import because there is no way to keep the file from having '.xml' appended to its name when it is added as an attachment.

One way to resolve this would be for LapTimer to also register its support for the 'xml' file type. It could use the type name preceding the '.xml' or the content of the file to resolve what is being imported.