Making Video setting sticky

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Making Video setting sticky

Post by svtdoug »

Hi Harry,

Back on track this year. Still trying to get better video - Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 11. You have recommended elsewhere in this forum to Lock Autofocus and Lock Exposure to the ON setting. I try this, but the next time I open Lap Timer, these settings default back to off - and I forget to reset them. Is there a way to make the default setting on, as a user option? I find nothing in the overall app Settings regarding these settings. If not, could this be added to the list of improvements?


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Re: Making Video setting sticky

Post by Harry »

Both locks take place when you switch to ON. At this point in time, the phone's cam needs to point to the track / the far distance. I do not see how to automate that. The cam may point into any direction when LapTimer is started or video is turned on.

- Harry
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