upside-down corrected video overlays but won't export

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upside-down corrected video overlays but won't export

Post by redzed »

New to LapTimer. Seems like a fantastic resource! Clearly, lots of intelligence, hard work, enthusiasm and care went into it.

have grand prix edition v24.5
Samsung Galaxy G20 FE 5G
android 11

First couple of lap sessions had upside-down videos, using the cellphone camera.
Took them from the SD card to PC, used Free Video Editor to rotate them, replaced the upside down video files on the SD card with the rectifed video files using the original file names.
Can view overlaid video and appears properly synced to data.
But cannot export. Overlay Configuration window says "Master video ok, overlay data available, using software encoding, processing lap..." press overlay button, get Error: LapTimer failed writing the overlaid video. Error reported is 'Code: 7, opening video codec failed'

Unfortunately the upside down video files are deleted.

No problem exporting lap sessions from later in the day with the original videos right-side up.

Possible to fix? Of course my best laps were from the morning sessions.
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Re: upside-down corrected video overlays but won't export

Post by Harry »


Upside down videos can occur in case the smartphone is rotated while on track already. Please try to set everything up while in the pits the next time - it should work.

For your existing video: it looks like your video editor uses some encoding LapTimer's video library can't work with. Especially for the software encoded version, this is pretty rare. I'd suggest to use some other editor and decode / encode the video again. Please try the application Handbrake - it uses a superset of the libs LapTimer utilizes.

- Harry
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