Video overlay - No "export" button

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Video overlay - No "export" button

Post by kauedg »

I'm trying to overlay a video recorded with an external camera but the "Export" button is not appearing.

HLT Version: Rookie v24.0
Mobile OS: Android 10
Video: 1920x1080 30fps - MPEG-4 - 309,7 MiB - Duration 0:02:13 - Bitrate 19,5 Mbit/s

- Put the video in the

Code: Select all

- In HLT opened the Lap List and selected the lap
- Touched the "add video" icon on the top of the screen and then on the desired video
- Set the video sync position

There's no "Export" button and the "Play" button shows no overlay on the video.
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Re: Video overlay - No "export" button

Post by Harry »

You are running Rookie. ;-) This edition does not support video recording and overlaying. Please upgrade to Petrolhead from Administration / Add-ons / Petrolhead Upgrade.

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