OBD data not captured

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OBD data not captured

Post by Micabbj »

I’ve tried searching the forums for this issue but haven’t been able to find it.

I’m using Grand Prix on iOS and Tonwon OBD reader and not able to capture data.

The Tonwon will show in the Administration/Sensor List as green dot and Connected. From the Race menu, it shows as available and Green in the System Status. However, after recording the laps, the data does not show in Analysis / Lap List / Fixes. Only the iPhone GNSS Acceleration is captured. Is there something I am missing in the process to capture the data?

I am also connected to a GoPro Hero5 by WiFi. Only 2 of 5 sessions were captured with video, apparently because HLT did not automatically start the video recording. Can I manually start the video recording session and it still automatically link (after download) with the laps?

Thanks for any advice from the other members.
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Re: OBD data not captured

Post by Harry »

To verify your TONWON connection is up and running, make sure you do not only get a green connect status, but some update rate display (Hz) in addition. The later will appear up to a minute after the initial connect (green dot) took place. In case you do not get this update rate display after a minute, please visit viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1500 for advice.

A missing trigger of external cams is almost always due to problems with keeping the WiFi connection between smartphone and cam. Some smartphones tend to disconnect because the cam does not provide Internet access and is considered a "bad connection" because of this. So to get reliable operation, watch the WiFi status of your phone.

You can operate the cam manually. Just turn it on in the pits and stop it when coming back. Use LapTimer in data only mode (or wit just the internal cam recording). You can add the footage to LapTimer as described in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXjVb8nWCXI The only disadvantage is that you need to align video and data as shown in the tutorial.

- Harry
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