RPM missmatch - OBDLINK LX

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RPM missmatch - OBDLINK LX

Post by JuJuTeRuS »


I just bought a new phone and wanted to test the OBD i bought months ago (OBDLINK LX). I made some tests today and i have some problems with the RPM of the motor. I there something to configure to get a good result.

https://youtu.be/4twg6e4elRc (between 10/15s on the video)

If you hear sound of the video, the car is accelerating, but the tachometer doesn't follow the acceleration. At the biginning it's ok, but not all the time.

Is there something to do? Thanks.


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Re: RPM missmatch - OBDLINK LX

Post by Harry »

A gap that big (with all other sensor data sound, i.e. GPS and acceleration), usually means the OBD connection suffers from drop outs. Please make sure you get a consistent OBD update rate (Engine View or Sensor List) before tweaking the sensor timing and video alignment.

- Harry
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