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Can't export GoPro footage using hardware encoding on S8

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 3:05 pm
by HSV Guy
Just wondering if anyone has had any success exporting GoPro videos using hardware encoding on a Samsung S8 (or similar) android phone.

The source footage is manually recorded via a GoPro Hero 5 in 1080p 60FPS, copied to my phone and then associated with the relevant laps. However, I have never been able to export this video (eg with the overlay data) using hardware encording on my Samsung S8.

Has anyone been able to use hardware encoding/Harry, do you have any suggestions.

--edit-- I have the Grand Prix version of HLT.

...also what difference would it make if I connected my GoPro as an external Cam and recorded the video with HLT controlling the GoPro? Does it do anything more than start and stop video recording at the same time HLT starts and stops recording data?

--edit 2--
In case any find this post in a search, as of Feb 2021 I can now use hardware encoding to overlay GoPro Hero 4 MP4 files on my S8. I did have to go into the advanced settings and force it to use hardware encoding but after doing this it now works (but didn't in the past). This also fixed the 30 second + freezes I'd get when selecting how many laps to export.