HLT Speed Frozen At 0, No Throttle Position

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HLT Speed Frozen At 0, No Throttle Position

Post by geeteezee » Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:24 am

Just installed HLT today, so there's a high probability that I'm doing or not doing something stupid.
Car is a 2019 370z using a generic OBDII plug that works with Torque Pro. (I can get the model in the morning).
Phone is a Nexus 6p.
I went for a quick drive just to test out the video capabilities and the speedometer stays at 0. I'm not sure if maybe I need an external GPS solution perhaps? Also, there's no throttle position showing.
Apologies for the super noobish questions. I'm sure I'm leaving out relevant information. Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm preparing for my first track day next Friday.

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Re: HLT Speed Frozen At 0, No Throttle Position

Post by Harry » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:52 pm


This can be an OBD adapter being connected, but not delivering data: while an OBD adapter is connected, speed shown is wheel / OBD speed, not speed collected from GPS. To verify, please unplug the OBD adapter and check if you get speed display.

Next thing is to get the OBD working: we have a FAQ on Troubleshooting OBD Connections here in the FAQ forum.
This will be either a conflict with another app accessing the adapter from background (which will never work) or some problem in adapter / car communication.

- Harry
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