Overlaid data has a long delay in video

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Re: Overlaid data has a long delay in video

Post by M3danne » Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:48 am

I forgot.
Now I have ios 12. All apps running in background was closed, to free up memory was not neccesarry since I have 256GB and only use 15 GB, No Laptimer vids or times was stored on Laptimer since I deleted the complete app several times, I have restarted the phone and done all the other I wrote before, such as even buying a new 256GB Ipone 8....
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Re: Overlaid data has a long delay in video

Post by Harry » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:05 am

I do not see any issue with iOS12 so far. Just for your information.

From what you describe, it looks like there is some problem with handling. A fresh LapTimer install to a a new iPhone8 should just work. The only requirements are all permissions are granted, the correct track set is loaded (BTG 2016-), and the phone is mounted like shown in illustration #3 and #4 in Quick Reference.

It is hard to tell from the distance, but you may re-check if the above assumptions are meet?

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Re: Overlaid data has a long delay in video

Post by Sonertial » Fri Sep 28, 2018 9:05 am

Jordan wrote:
Not to confuse topics, but I read on another forum that the really bad shaking in my video is a result of the iPhone 7, and that if I buy an old 4S to use for HLT on track, it will fix the video shaking. I haven’t had time to look yet but they said there are a lot of discussions about that in the forums here.
I have some experience with this as well. I fix it on my iPhone 7 with a magnet.

Here's a (wet and scary) session on a real track from a few weeks ago taken with my Iphone 7 + magnet: https://youtu.be/boPgUENYVEQ
It's not perfect, but that's better than unusable :)

I made some Youtube videos explaining this a few years ago. I have used the magnet continuously since then.
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