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No overlay data

Postby HSV Guy » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:31 am

I have an issue whereby HLT is not displaying the overlay data when I import/link a video.

I initially tried to link a single video for the 30 minute session but when I tried to do this it gave me an error about not being able to find the mast video file and/or it being corrupt. On a 2014 post ( from this forum I found that this was caused by a video file being over 2GB. As such I tried splitting the file into two which seemed to fix the problem. It might be worth noting that at this stage I didn't have an SD card plugged into the phone and was just using the phone's internal storage.

After doing this everything seemed to be working ok for the laps that the video covered. I tried exporting these and initially got another error - based on my searching the recommended fix for this was to force software rendering (my phone is an Samsung Galaxy S8 so I would be quite surprised that hardware rending/encoding doesn't work on this phone given how popular it is - can anyone comment on this?). After forcing software encoding I was able to preview the laps and all of the overlay information come up fine (speed, corners etc...). I also exported one or two laps and that worked fine. However, when I tried to export any more than a couple of laps it would start encoding the video and then when I came back to it, it was like it had never started.

I thought this issue may have been because the phone was out of space so I added an SD card. I also then backed up my laps (to a hlptrz) file. Since then however whenever I try and link new videos (e.g. for the other half of the session or if I unlink the video for a lap that already had video attached to it and attach another video), it doesn't come up with the overlay details. It has the text in the bottom left of screen but that's it. It doesn't have any speed related data including g-force meter or corner names etc. I'm not sure if I am unlink the videos incorrectly or if I need to manually unlink all videos for every lap or something else altogether. On the lap itself the data recording info is still there, it's just not being displayed on the video in HLT.

Can anyone advise what i need to do to get the overlay data to reappear.
Can anyone advise also advise if the Galaxy S8 should be able to use hardware encoding?

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Re: No overlay data

Postby Harry » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:45 am

The 2GB limit does not exist any more. In case the video is linked but you get the "Master missing" message - please check the video's file name. Spaces and accent characters are not handled correctly for LapTimer v21 on Android. The S8 should work with hardware encoding. If however, the video files used are not encoded exactly as expected by the S8, it may fail.

In case you see just the pre / post lap overlay (bottom right), lap data and video are not in sync. You need to realign the sync in this case (Video List ‣ the video ‣ select one lap from the list of links in the bottom of Video Details you can recognize in the video.

It should not be necessary to unlink a video. Usually it is generated automatically and will be preserved when using the Re-Link function (which basically changes the file name of the video linked).

- Harry

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