UI and Accelerometers don't orient properly in Landscape (iPhome 6s)

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UI and Accelerometers don't orient properly in Landscape (iPhome 6s)

Postby Just_me » Mon May 08, 2017 9:31 pm

I apologize is this is a duplicate, but i cannot find that this ever posted, and being a newbie to this, i'll assume i made an error.

Here's the problem; I use Harry's in-car, iPhone 6S, latest iOS and HLT, for road/track data acquisition on normal circuits such as Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, etc. I mount it to the windshield using a RAM mount, in the horizontal orientation.

When I had an older version on my 5S, horizontal/landscape worked fine. With the 6S it is at best inconsistent - but generally both the UI and the accelerometer remain in "portrait" mode. This results in garbage for lateral acceleration, my most critical factor.

Some time back, Harry explained how to re-orient that data. On the current version i cant figure out how to do that. I did experiment with "re-calculate", but that simply came up with different garbage.

I'd relaly like to figure out how to set it up in the future so the orientation is proper. Any advice from the crowd? TIA all,


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