Overlay issues

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Overlay issues

Post by catcha » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:25 pm

Hi Harry,

Just did a Sprint day and the track is loaded in your tracks on file its the RAC DTEC.

because the course was a bit difference layout of the course. I decided to use the manual start and then once my run was done I could stop it and that would be my whole run recorded with GoPro 3.

So when setting off I can manually start it in video mode that cool, I start it and then realize after my run when I want to stop the recording there is no stop button ? little record on the top left that when I press I can't stop the recording. is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong as it worked fine last time.

I also load the track and it has split times on it but record manually with start stop, could the split times on the track cause the issues i'm having ? my overlay is way off and i'm usually good enough to get it working

Should I have not selected a track and just run it as is ?
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Re: Overlay issues

Post by Harry » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:09 pm


When starting a recording manually (with or without video), LapTimer starts in this mode and will present a stop button. However, if you pass a stop/go trigger (any track loaded), LapTimer will stop the manual recording and switch to automatic recording. During automatic recording, there will be no stop button - LapTimer takes care automatic laps have an "official" status and does not allow to stop the manually. You can cancel the latest lap by leaving the video view (Android) or by pressing the Cancel button (iOS, Timer View). The red record button in the top left of video view is indeed a bug. It is fixed already and will get available in v19. v19 will present a large Cancel button in Video View (when recording automatically).

On your last question: you need to remove track sets (i.e. the POIs, not the laps) to disabled it. Otherwise LapTimer will jump over to this track when it hits a trigger.

The best approach would have been to purge other configurations and define a one trigger track using the New Track assistant.

- Harry
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